Thrive Academy

Thrive Academy is a ten month elite coaching cohort for 15 peak performers. It isn’t a remedial program designed for turn around projects. It’s a program of acceleration and elevation that helps peak performers take their personal and professional life to the next level. If you are struggling to break through to higher levels of productivity and experience more peace then this program for you. It is possible to be fruitful and fulfilled and be successful and sane. The Thrive Academy exists for that purpose. It includes ten virtual group coaching sessions with Dr. Dharius, two one on one coaching sessions with Dr. Dharius, and exclusive access to an in person mastermind group where Dr. Dharius will help you customize and chart a course for your success. This virtual mastermind module will take you from “here” to “there” in your personal and professional life using an acceleration elevator that walks you through the fives steps for transformation; clarification, preparation, navigation, implementation, and evaluation. Many people have the desire to achieve greater and be great but they don’t have the direction. This is where we can help you be providing you with the strategy and a support system you need to thrive personally and professionally.

Don’t just survive, when you can thrive.

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