Change Network

The Heart

John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership. We believe this is undeniably true. Leadership is catalytic. It changes things. Consequently, one of the most impactful ways to advance the Kingdom Agenda is to help resource and develop leaders and the organizations they lead. This is the heart of this network, to help the leader and the organization make changes that change the world. This network doesn’t exist because we have all the answers, but because we understand the questions.


Our vision is to become a relational network that RePresents Jesus by leading with passion, principles, power, and purpose.


Our mission is to raise, resource, and release transformational leaders.


This network attempts to carry out its mission by producing/providing relevant resources, coaching, conferences, and consulting to individuals and organizations serving urban contexts.

Delivery Systems

  • Monthly Podcast
  • Monthly Resource Email
  • Developmental Resources
  • Conferences
  • Coaching
To contact the change network team coordinator please email